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Round /Hexagon Soy Candle

Round /Hexagon Soy Candle

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Introducing our 330ml Round or Hexagon Soy Wax Candle, meticulously crafted to elevate your home ambiance. Made from 100% pure soy wax and infused with quality fragrance oils, each candle boasts a remarkable burn time of 60 hours.


Illuminate your bathroom, living room, or kitchen with these exquisite candles that double as stunning decor pieces. The captivating aromas offer a delightful sensory experience, infusing your space with an enchanting freshness.

Expertly hand-crafted, our concrete vessels embody elegance and style, providing a chic complement to your decor. Our candles are meticulously poured with natural cotton wicks, ensuring a premium, clean burn every time.

Enhance your surroundings or present someone with a truly thoughtful gift. Elevate your space with our exquisite Round or Hexagon Soy Wax Candle – where beauty meets fragrance in perfect harmony.

Burn time: 60 hours

Care Guide

1. Trim That Wick: Before lighting, trim the wick to 0.5cm using scissors or one of our wick trimmers for a clean, safe burn and increased candle lifespan.

2. Let It Burn: Allow the wax to melt to the edges of the jar every burn to prevent tunnelling - especially important on the first burn!

3. Safety First: Never leave a lit candle unattended, and don't burn for more than 4 hours at a time. To protect the surface below from heat, place your candle on a coaster or tile.

Safety Directions

Keep out of reach from Children and Pets, and do not leave the candle unattended. Avoid contact with eyes and other sensitive areas as it may cause skin irritations. Keep away from naked flame. Do not swallow, intended for external use only. Keep out of reach from children.

How to Use

Trim your candle's wick to 0.5cm before each lighting or once your candle has cooled.
Never attempt to trim a burning candle.
Discard the snipped portion in the trash; never leave wick trimmings in your candle jar.
The wick should always remain centred and away from the sides of the vessel.
Allow the wax to melt to the edges of the jar during each burn to prevent tunnelling.
Once the candle's gone, we hope you'll reuse it. Clean it out and you've got a new planter or pencil holder – or whatever you want!

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